A regularly updated listing of other blogs and sites I find useful or interesting.

Ansible: Automate Cisco LAN Deployment – Part 1 – reynold’s blog # network lab configurations powered by gns3
ipspace (Ivan Pepelnjak) · GitHub
Ansible Cisco – Primer 2 – Making Changes | Nick Bettison
Ansible Cisco IOS control – jamalshahverdiev
Installing NTC Ansible – OzNetNerd
Using Ansible to PUSH Cisco IOS Configurations – Packet Geek Networks
Arista EOS Central – Introduction to Managing EOS Devices – Setting up Management
Jinja2 Templates for Network Automation | Vulgar Python
GitHub – dgjnpr/ansible-template-for-junos: Examples of how to use Ansible to create and apply Junos configuration
Network Lore
Ansible Coding Packets
Network Automation with Dell EMC OS9, OS10, Open Switch OPX and Ansible
Browse Innovation / Lothlorien – Dell Networking Bitbucket Server
Network Automation: Template Configurations with Jinja2 and YAML – Network Otaku
Network Configuration Templating.
Using Python, YAML and Jinja2 to Generate Config Files – Don’t Fragment
Automating New Network Build – Part 1 – Network-oriented programming
A Cisco, a Juniper, a Vyatta Router…and an Ansible Playbook | project:me10
Kicking the tires on the new Ansible Network Modules, Part 2 « Packet Geek Networks
15 Things You Should Know About Ansible
Automate the migration from Virtual Standard Switch to vSphere Distributed Switch using PowerCLI 5.5 | virtuallyGhetto
Hide the %AMDP2_FE-6-EXCESSCOLL error | Andrea Dainese
Automation – Part 1 configurator – Up In The Ether
Moving Ones & Zeros: Current Trends in DC Networking – Arista VXLAN
Configure VLANs on CentOS – ghid-it
Network for the little ones. Mikrovypusk №4. Dive into the IOU / Blog it. admin / LinkMeUp
Blog-Configs/SW_100.cfg at master · acritelli/Blog-Configs · GitHub
ruby – Can’t install vagrant plugins in ubuntu 16.04 – Stack Overflow
python – Vagrant Not Starting Up. User that created VM doesn’t match current user – Stack Overflow
Use Vagrant with Juniper Junos VMs on Ubuntu | IT Technologist
GitHub – CumulusNetworks/cldemo-evpn: EVPN Demo running Cumulus VX with Vagrant (KVM and Virtualbox are supported)
cldemo-vagrant/documentation/linux at master · CumulusNetworks/cldemo-vagrant · GitHub
Ansible Clearing Out Persistent Connections SSH
Accessing VMware Guest Virtual Serial Port on Linux Host « Musings
Howto Install Py-Junos-EZ
GitHub – Juniper/vqfx10k-vagrant: Vagrant projects for vQFX10k
Web IOU on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
“vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt” on Ubuntu 14.04 must display a user-friendly message if libvirt is not installed · Issue #7039 · hashicorp/vagrant · GitHub
Browse Innovation / Lothlorien – Dell Networking Bitbucket Server
Setting Up Junos PyEZ Managed Nodes – Technical Documentation – Support – Juniper Networks
Unable to open shell – Junos_Command · Issue #27958 · ansible/ansible · GitHub
Juniper vSRX Automation with Ansible | Jason Edelman’s Blog
Upgrading Juniper infrastructure using Ansible HEAT templates | BGP Help
Using Ansible to deploy Juniper configurations | MyTeneo!!!
Ansible with Juniper – Ntwrk Notes
Public key authentication in JUNOS | Tech Notes /
juniper/pyez-ansible – Docker Hub
Health Checks · Juniper/Intro-to-Using-Ansible-with-Junos-OS Wiki · GitHub
ansible-vagrant-examples/gluster at master · geerlingguy/ansible-vagrant-examples · GitHub
Automated Testing & Intent Verification for Network Operations
Python ansible package v2.3.1.0, module source code ::
GitHub – fooelisa/napalm_demo: NAPALM & Ansible Demo
ASR9000/XR: Understanding BGP flowspec … – Cisco Support Community
napalm-automation/napalm: Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
dravetech/preso_abstract_all_the_things: Abstract all the things
Ansible Playbook for Cumulus Linux (Layer 2 Fabric) –
DC Interconnect – Part 2: VXLAN – Hasan Mansur
Network Automation Salt
Random packets – SALT | IT, Networks, Project Management @ Anton Karneliuk, 2x CCIE (RS/SP) #49412, MSc.
How to use Ansible ios_config to configure devices
Add Local Commits With GitHub Desktop – On Demand Training
GitHub Pages from GitHub Desktop – On Demand Training
BGP Site of Origin (SoO) – Concepts & Configuration – 27649 – The Cisco Learning Network

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Ansible Documentation — Ansible Documentation
Ansible Documentation Tower
Welcome to Jinja2 — Jinja2 Documentation (2.8-dev)
Python for Network Engineers | Articles
How to Install and Configure Ansible on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean
Mierdin (Matt Oswalt) · GitHub
jedelman8/nxos-ansible: Ansible modules to automate Cisco NX-OS switches
GitHub – arista-eosplus/ansible-eos-vxlan: Prebuilt Ansible Role to manage Vxlan configuration on your Arista EOS Device
Automating New Network Build – Part 2 (BGP) – Network-oriented programming
Atom Editor
Books – tutoriaLinux
Ubuntu Servers – Community Help Wiki
GitHub – ktbyers/netmiko: Multi-vendor library to simplify Paramiko SSH connections to network devices
GitHub – davidbombal/pythonvideos: Code examples for David Bombal’s Python Videos
Netmiko Quickstart – Network to Code, LLC
Managing NSX with Ansible · vrandom
NSX Configuration Management with Ansible –
GitHub – afewell/AnsibleNSX101
How to use Ansible ios_config to configure devices
Kicking the tires with the new Ansible Network Modules « Packet Geek Networks
Welcome to NAPALM’s documentation! — NAPALM 1 documentation
Adding Cisco IOS support to NAPALM (Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support) | project:me10
Installing NAPALM for Ansible with Cisco IOS | Chris Schock | Pulse | LinkedIn
Network Automation
Ansible (IT automation) with Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) SR OS and Cisco IOS XR |
How to use NAPALM (Python library) to Manage IOS Devices – Network to Code, LLC
project:me10 | A personal journey
Ansible with Juniper – Ntwrk Notes
Cisco NX-API on Nexus 5500 | Coding Networker Blog
Configuration Generator with Python and Jinja2 | Coding Networker Blog
Configuration management
A Cisco, a Juniper, a Vyatta Router…and an Ansible Playbook | project:me10
GitHub – GGabriele/AutomateBGP
Quick setup guides for Ansible, Netmiko and Paramiko – GNS3
GitHub – remoteur/ansible-ospflab: Ansible playbook for provisioning basic OSPF lab
Coding Packets
Ansible: Automate Cisco IOS Configuration – reynold’s blog # network lab configurations powered by gns3
Looping through Dictionaries in Ansible – OzNetNerd
Network Device Authentication with Ansible 2.3
Network Automation | project:me10
Installing NTC Ansible – OzNetNerd
Automating Cisco Using Ansible – The Cisco Learning Network
Ansible Cisco – Primer 2 – Making Changes | Nick Bettison
Automating New Network Build – Part 1 – Network-oriented programming
GitHub – networktocode/pyntc
GitHub – ksator/python-training-for-network-engineers: Python hands-on training for network engineers. How to automate Junos with Python
Junos and Python – Junos PyEZ – Part 1 – – Blog
GitHub – xens/ansiblefest2k17: Contains my presentation plus some stuffs used for the demo
Automated Servers and Deployments with Ansible & Jenkins | Chromatic
GitHub – Juniper/vqfx10k-vagrant: Vagrant projects for vQFX10k
Ansible for Continuous Integration – Home
Introduction to pipelines and jobs – GitLab Documentation
How To Set Up Continuous Integration Pipelines with GitLab CI on Ubuntu 16.04 | DigitalOcean
GitHub – phil-dileo/eos-ansible-tower-demo: Sample playbook to use with Arista EOS Role and Ansible Tower
Windows Client Side
Network Configuration — Cloud-Init 0.7.9 documentation
GitHub – bienhoang/ebook
GitHub – fffaraz/free-tech-ebooks-from-packtpub: A collection of free ebooks from Packt Publishing [Regularly Updated]
jfilliben (Jeremy Filliben) · GitHub
Ensuring Network Configuration Consistency with StackStorm + NAPALM – StackStorm
Automation: Running napalm-ansible to manage configurations on UNetLab |
Networking – NAPALM & Ansible
GitHub – fooelisa/napalm_demo: NAPALM & Ansible Demo
dbarrosop (David Barroso) · GitHub
Python Files I/O
grelleum (Greg Mueller) · GitHub
Install KVM Hypervisor on CentOS 7.x and RHEL 7.x
Setup Local Repositories with ‘apt-mirror’ in Ubuntu and Debian Systems
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
Creating vSphere VM’s using Ansible – EverythingShouldBeVirtual
Network Engineer Persona « by @ioshints
Declarative and Imperative Automation Thinking –
colin-mccarthy (Colin McCarthy) · GitHub
GitHub – 1mrobas/PowerShell-for-Networking-Engineers-20170213: Examples & demos show in the PowerShell for Networking Engineers webinar on Feb, Mon 13th, 2017
reynold’s blog # network lab configurations powered by gns3
rynldtbuen (Reynold Tabuena) · GitHub
ipspace (Ivan Pepelnjak) · GitHub
Moving Ones & Zeros: Current Trends in DC Networking – Arista Ansible Config
Network device configuration using templates with Jinja2 and YAML | Sreenivas Makam’s Blog
Coming Soon: Networking Features in Ansible 2.4
Network Automation with Dell EMC OS9, OS10, Open Switch OPX and Ansible
Expect Scripting For Network Engineers (Cisco) | Paul Gerard Porter
Simple BASH scripts using EXPECT for Cisco Devices | LinkedIn
Installing and Testing TFTP Server in Ubuntu/Debian – Mohamed Thalib’s Blog
JNPRAutomateDemo-Class/ at master · JNPRAutomate/JNPRAutomateDemo-Class · GitHub
A Week with Ansible for Cisco IOS | LinkedIn
Python as configuration builder
Configuration – Jinja2
ansible-vagrant-examples/lamp at master · geerlingguy/ansible-vagrant-examples · GitHub
GitHub – jeremyschulman/ansible-vsrx-demo: Ansible demo using Junos FireFly
junos_shutdown for vsrx fails with “command is not valid on the vsrx” on Ansible 2.3/Juniper.JUNOS stdlib 1.4.2 · Issue #236 · Juniper/ansible-junos-stdlib · GitHub
juniper/jsnapy – Docker Hub
plumbis (Pete Lumbis) · GitHub
GitHub – CumulusNetworks/webinar-demo-nclu: Playbooks of setting up 2-tier CLOS with NCLU on Webinar in Feb 2017
Babun – a windows shell you will love!
Running Ansible within Windows | Jeff Geerling
How to Install and Get Started with Vagrant in 2017 – Tricks of the Trades
Revisiting BGP on Linux w/ Cumulus Topology Converter · Cody Bunch
Files · master · Pete Lumbis / cumulus-ci-cd · GitLab
Vagrant Install CSR1000v
Cisco ASA Vagrant Box Installation
Networking with Ansible 102
mtarking (Matt Tarkington) · GitHub
fracaen (Francois Caen) · GitHub – my technical experience
Getting Started With NETCONF and YANG on Cisco IOS XE – Network-oriented programming
Vagrant and Libvirt with KVM or QEMU – Cumulus VX – Cumulus Networks
Cumulus VX Documentation – Cumulus VX – Cumulus Networks
Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible – Probably
Arista EOS Central – Using vEOS with Vagrant and VirtualBox
DNA: Getting Started with NETCONF/YANG – | Cisco Communities
jonasstenling/nxos-ansible: Ansible modules to automate Cisco NX-OS switches
hpreston/netconf_yang_blog: Simple NETCONF/YANG example for how to get started using NETCONF/YANG for network configuration.
Converting Cumulus VX VirtualBox Vagrant Box to a Libvirt Vagrant Box | Open Networking Community
sciurus/vagrant-mutate: Convert vagrant boxes to work with different providers
Network Virtualization Hersey | A blog about Network Virtualization.
napalm-automation/napalm-salt: Modules for Salt, to retrieve, control, enforce and update configuration of network devices
Getting started with Ansible
Fighting CLI cowboys with Napalm – An Introduction
How to automate your network using Ansible and NAPALM – Part 2 – Agile Integrated Solutions
It’s the End of Network Automation as We Know It (and I Feel Fine) – The New Stack
Working with Ansible Ad-Hoc Commands
Ubuntu Mate VM images for VMware & VirtualBox
cllunsford/network-ansible: Ansible playbooks for managing network devices
GitHub – kokasha/NetAutomationScripts: Repo for all Network Automation Scripts in Python and Ansible
Getting Started With Ansible for Cisco IOS | networkop
GitHub – networkop/cisco-ansible-provisioning
twr14152/Ansible: Learning Ansible
Ansible Linklight Workshops | linklight
puppetlabs/ciscopuppet · Puppet Forge
Ansible Resources – Ansible Automates Boston Videos
How To Use Traceroute and MTR to Diagnose Network Issues | DigitalOcean
Automating Labs with Python, Jinja2, and Netmiko –
Ansible Jinja Warrior – Mastering “Loop Variable Scope” | Arctiq Inc.
Example:Sample Ansible-Based Solutions – Building Network Automation Solutions
GitHub – network-automation/ansible-napalm-samples: GitHub Repo comparing NAPALM and Ansible on Cisco NXOSv and Arista vEOS
Ansible 2.5 New Features
Todd Riemenschneider
Guide: Building a Self-Contained Ansible & GNS3 Lab – OzNetNerd
Installing NAPALM for Ansible with Cisco IOS | LinkedIn
Juniper/junosautomation: To contain example scripts for different tools.
Getting started with RANCID
linickx/ansible-cisco: Example Ansible Play Books for Cisco Kit
Supported Platforms — Trigger 1.6.0 documentation
Trigger: Network Automation At Scale – Packet Pushers
Python Pexpect and Cisco IOS – Breaking Applications
Scripting a Cisco switch with Python and Expect | weblog
Configuring Cisco routers and switches with Python – Packet Geek Networks
Branches · jtdub/pyMultiChange
Python netmiko package v2.0.1, module source code ::
How to Run Python Program in Sublime Text – The Crazy Programmer
hpreston/netdevops_demos: Resources and details for a variety of NetDevOps Demos.
Validate an ip address – Regex Tester/Debugger
Network automation with Ansible – O’Reilly Media
Enabling Network Automation using NTC-Ansible | project:me10
Automating Cisco Device Upgrades With Ansible |


Readme · Quick start · Ci · Help · GitLab
Configuring GitLab Runners – GitLab Documentation
Registering Runners – GitLab Documentation
Install GitLab Runner using the official GitLab repositories – GitLab Documentation
Andrew Lerner — A Member of the Gartner Blog Network
Mech: Vagrant with VMWare Integration for free
Network Automation Blog – Thoughts and musings, making sense of things…


Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Fundamentals – Cisco
Learning ACI | Adam Raffe
Nexus 9000 VXLAN – EVPN, vPC, and VXLAN Routing | Come Route With Me!
Networking Basics As I Currently Understand: VXLAN Basics
VXLAN Deep Dive — Define The Cloud
Cisco Systems · GitHub
Blog | Data Center Virtualization and DC Interconnect | Data Center Virtualization to Distributed Virtual Data Center
Arista & Cisco VXLAN lab on Google cloud/AWS
VXLAN, Virtual Extensible LAN – NetCraftsmen
VXLAN – Knowledge Base
Arista EOS Central – VXLAN Routing with MLAG
Solar nine :: [Arista vEOS (VMware) + Cisco IOS (GNS3) Lab / VXLAN Lab]
Moving Ones & Zeros: Current Trends in DC Networking – Arista VXLAN
Network Knerd: VXLAN Revisited – CSR1KV Lab
Cisco Nexus 9000 Series NX-OS VXLAN Configuration Guide, Release 7.x – Configuring VXLAN BGP EVPN [Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches] – Cisco
Data Center Networking: VXLAN/EVPN Configuratio… | Cisco Communities
ASR 1000 OTV Unicast Adjacency Server Configuration Example – Cisco
Next Generation Network engineer Skills!! | kolagani`s blog (Network + Virtualization + Cloud)
IWAN Solutions:IWAN2.1 – DocWiki | SDN, NFV and Cloud Networking… maybe more!
GitHub – CumulusNetworks/cldemo-vagrant: Vagrantfile used to provision the Cumulus Demo Reference Topology
GitHub – CumulusNetworks/cldemo-nclu-ansible
GitHub – CumulusNetworks/cldemo-config-mlag
welcome to Mako!
GitHub – seanx820/netdevops: all things open talk
napalm-automation · GitHub
ktbyers (Kirk Byers) · GitHub
Cisco Data Center · GitHub
GitHub – CumulusNetworks/cldemo-vagrant-onwindows: Setting up a Vagrant/VX simulation environment on MS Windows platforms
hoelsner (Henry Ölsner) · GitHub
GitHub – networkop/cisco-ansible-provisioning
Arista – CloudVision Chapter 1 Introduction to CloudVision
Arista EOS Central – How to install EVE-NG and add Arista vEOS and CloudVision
Platforms, Code, and Why I do it | Jason Edelman’s Blog
Will Network Engineers Become Programmers? « by @ioshints
Don’t Learn to Code – Learn to Automate – DaedTech
Please Don’t Learn to Code Unless…
The Evolution of Network Programmability
Introduction to Ansible and SAN Configuration Automation
Keeping It Classless
jeremyschulman (Jeremy Schulman) · GitHub
High Availability Architecture and Apps with Docker Datacenter (DDC) – Docker Blog
10 Minutes To HA Docker
Managing Persistence for Docker Containers – The New Stack
Docker Swarm cluster failover on Windows – DevOops! … and the Univers – Medium